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Because the safety of your little ones is extremely important, Telcar provides specially designed seats for children up to 135 cm. These seats are compatible with any car model chosen. The fee for this option is 2 EUR/day for seats that attach with a seatbelt, and for seats with ISOFIX system, it is 4 EUR/day. There is also the option of a booster seat at a cost of 1 EUR/day.


During winter, travels can become real challenges due to weather conditions, so Telcar ensures safety and comfort through the winter package. This package includes all the accessories you need for a worry-free journey, even during the cooler season, consisting of brushes and scrapers to remove snow or ice from the car, snow chains, shovel, and other essential items. If you opt for the winter package, the fee is 3 EUR/day, but not more than 30 EUR per rental.


Don’t worry if you have to sacrifice passenger comfort to make room for bulky luggage, because with Telcar, you have the option of choosing additional storage space so you can have a pleasant experience without sacrifices. The fee for the additional luggage space is 5 EUR/day (250 liters), 10 EUR/day (400 liters), 15 EUR/day (700 liters).


If you need a relaxing trip where you don’t have to worry about traffic or kilometers traveled, Telcar offers you the option to opt for a driver for an additional cost of 5 EUR/hour.


In case you will have a longer journey in the country or abroad, in unfamiliar places, you can opt for GPS to ensure that all maps are valid and revised in real-time. The fee for the Garmin GPS navigation system RO is 2 EUR/day, and for GPS Garmin EU 4 EUR/day.


We reserve the right to establish a relocation fee for cars that are picked up or returned in different locations. The value of the fee varies depending on the type of car rented and the distance between locations.

Nighttime pick-up or return fee (20:00-08:00) – 20 EUR.

The car can be delivered with a full tank, and it must be returned in the same condition. Otherwise, for missing fuel, an additional cost of 2 EUR/liter is charged.

  • All values include VAT.