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Cross bording

Do you need a rental car for a vacation abroad?
Do you want to go abroad with a rented car for a business trip?
There is no problem. Telcar rent-a-car offers you the possibility of renting a car and going out with it outside Romania, under certain conditions.

The most requested destinations for car rentals leaving the country:
– Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldovia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey
– Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England

The exit taxes, depending on the type of car, are in the range:

– Bulgaria (100 EUR)
– Bulgaria and Greece (200 EUR)
– Bulgaria and Turkey(300 EUR)
– Hungary (100 EUR)
– Hungary and Austria (200 EUR)
– Serbia (100 EUR)
– Serbia and Croatia (200 EUR)
– Republic of Moldovia (150 EUR)
– Ukraine (300 EUR)